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Image Information

Image Information


Width 1024
Height 537
Bits 8
X resolution 300/1
Y resolution 300/1
Resolution unit Inch
Software Adobe Photoshop CS4 Macintosh
Date time 05/01/2013 12:54:56 pm
Color space sRGB
Pixel x dimension 1024
Pixel y dimension 537

Image Information

Title: Multiple Views of Isla Calero Year: 2010 Media: C-Print Size: Diptych 30 x 30 inches each When looking at a digital image we do not perceive its structure, the elements that compose it, yet it is those elements that allow it to come into being, into perception and into meaning. By amplifying those structural elements, rendering them visible, the legibility of the image is affected. The attention is focused on the constitution of the image itself, rather than in its ability to represent beyond it. The invisible has a visual presence, for if you manipulate the invisible, the visible is disrupted, and vice versa, such as in digital codes. This work deals with the territory and the map as abstraction and the digital language and the structure of representation as abstraction in relation to visual legibility.

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Mauricio Herrero,

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Get aboard, Pirates & Sea Dogs!

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